October 23 Update


St Mary’s Church Rooms – venue for Edwinstowe Historical Society meetings

Thanks to the Speaker Finder, members of the Edwinstowe Historical Society will enjoy a variety of illustrated talks during the forthcoming months.

To start the ball rolling Bob Massey will talk about ‘Murder, Mystery and Mayhem’ – a tale of dark events in Nottinghamshire villages. This is followed by Adrian Gray who will report on ‘Top Ten Scandals from Sherwood Forest’.

David Templeman will discuss why Lady Arabella Stuart was the Queen that never was, and the in-house presentation describes a journey along the River Maun which was used to power many mills along its course.

Denis Hill has something to say about Newstead Abbey, and Mo Cooper discusses ‘The Good, The Bad and The Reality’ – women who have contributed to Nottingham’s history, and finally John Baird will take a literary journey through Nottinghamshire when he ‘Follows the Moon and Stars’.

Requests for information about Edwinstowe families continue to be received. Appreciation has been extended to two readers who provided details of an accident which took place at Simon Fosters’ Oak in 1879, and a photo of the Maun Bridge c.1900. These have been added to the website.