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30 October 2023

November 23 Update

Shirley Moore, Chair for the Edwinstowe Historical Society, welcomed members and visitors to the October meeting and introduced Adrian Gray...
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27 September 2023

October 2023 Update

Thanks to the Speaker Finder, members of the Edwinstowe Historical Society will enjoy a variety of illustrated talks during the...
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19 September 2023

September 2023 Update

Six decades have elapsed since the Edwinstowe Historical Society was founded, and little did those early members realise how the...
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6 August 2023

August 2023 Update

Rufford Abbey was the subject of the illustrated talk presented to the members of the Edwinstowe Historical Society at a...
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3 July 2023

July 2023 Update

At the Annual General Meeting of the Edwinstowe Historical Society held in May, Shirley Moore, the Chairperson, reported that during...
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19 May 2023

June 2023 Update

At the June meeting the speaker, Cal Warren, Building and Exhibition Developer, spoke about her involvement with the Nottingham Castle...
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26 April 2023

May 2023 Update

At the March meeting of the Edwinstowe Historical Society, Shirley, the Chairperson, welcomed Dr Rowena Edlin-White whose talk related to...
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28 March 2023

April 2023 – Update

At a well-attended meeting of the Edwinstowe Historical Society in February, Shirley, the Chairperson, welcomed members to the illustrated talk,...
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27 February 2023

March Update 2023

Time passes and tastes change, which is apparent when looking at some of the business adverts printed in Edwinstowe’s St...
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25 January 2023

February 2023 Update

Welbeck Abbey is the subject chosen for Edwinstowe Historical Society’s illustrated talk on 15th February, being one of the 4...
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