Parish Map 1990

Profile of Edwinstowe Parish Map.  1990’s

Lifetime resident Shirley Moore first mooted the idea of a Parish Map in 1992, and went on to form a committee which included Frank Dove, Elinor Crocker, Margaret Woodhead, and Peter Annable:

Ann Grocott of the Rufford Comprehensive School became a valued advisor.

The interest of the nimble fingered amongst the residents was aroused by the enthusiasm of the committee and the Map was eagerly commenced.

The first major obstacle was a lack of funds but this was overcome when the Nottinghamshire Rural Community Council came forward with a substantial grant. After many hours, weeks and months culminating in four years of hard industrious work, and it has to be said, despair that the project would ever be finished, the Map was at last completed.

The 9 by 6 feet blank calico has been transformed into a rich and colourful tapestry of life in Edwinstowe during the 1990’s. It will prove a talking point for present residents and a visual aid enabling people of future generations to study our village of today.

The Map hung in its permanent position on the West Wall of St Mary’s Church can be viewed by many worshipers and visitors to our beautiful twelfth century church.

Sketches by Peter Annable

The sketches were then transferred onto material.


Badges from some of the village organizations were included:

The Team of Workers

Committee:  Shirley Moore – Frank Dove – Elinor Crocker – Margaret Woodhead – Peter Annable – with advice from Ann Grocott

Contributions from:

Elinor Crocker             Sherwood Forest – Robin Hood figure – King Edwin School – Royal Oak-                                              St. Mary’s School Badge – Coal Train – Scouts Badge – Football & Cricket  Embroidery                  Dukeries Hotel (with Clarice Hodgson) – Black Lettering – Gold   Beads –                                            Centre Parks

Audrey Baker               Jug & Glass – Mothers Union Badge – 1950’s Edwinstowe County School                                             Badge – Centre of the village – Acorns

Barbara Ford                St. Mary’s Church

Thomas Penticost       Manvers Arms – Major Cinema – Cross Roads Cottages

Margaret Woodhead   Major Oak – Gold Beads

Hazel Fletcher              Thoresby Colliery – Robin Hood Inn

Jean Leake                     River Maun Beads – Archway House – Gold Lettering

Connie Bollans             Pierrepont

Elizabeth Roberson     Green & Gold Lettering

Sandie Ward               Thoresby Miners Institute – Methodist Chapel – Black Swan – Royal British                                         Legion Badge

Elma Smith                 Womens Institute Badge – Acorns

Clarice Hodson          Acorns- Dukeries Hotel (with Elinor Crocker)

Esme Hunt                 Forest Lodge – St John’s Ambulance Brigade

Ann Marsh                 Centre of Village embroidery

Jean Ridsdill              Acorns

Pam Bird                    Village Hall

Alison Boneham      Lidgett House

Joan Grundy              Maid Marion Restaurant

Nora Maynard          War Memorial

Pat Bamford              Pre-School Playgroup Badge

Sarah Pearce              Guide Badge

Winifred Chadwick   Small Patchwork Fields

Jan Towler                  Crocheted Hedgerows

Ann Grocott                Rufford School Logo

St Mary’s School & Edwinstowe Guides – French Knitting for Hedgerows

King Edwin School

Michelle Walker        Weaving for Footpaths

Jake Whittaker            Design for Football & Cricket

Emily Gunstone          Embroidery

Frank Dove                  Planning & Drawing the Map – Transferring to Calico

Beryl & Frank Dove    Hedgerows

Peter Annable              Sketching the Buildings from Photographs

Sue Fillingham             Advice re silks and materials (Cameo Crafts)

Shirley Moore              Co-coordinator of the Project – Transferring sketches to the material –                                               Small & large Patchwork Fields – Railway Line – Joining, Mounting, and                                               sewing the Map to the Calico.