Thoresby Colliery Cricket Club

A much felt want has been met by the Colliery Company providing a Sports Ground and Pavilion at Edwinstowe, at a cost of about £3,000, exclusive of the land, which has been generously provided by the Company. The Sports ground occupies an area of 7 acres on the west side of the village and has been laid out for cricket, football and hockey as will be seen from the plan. It will be possible for football and hockey to be played simultaneously. A car park has been constructed at the entrance of the Ground in Fourth Avenue, and an attractive and well-designed brick-built Pavilion, will cater for the requirements of the various teams. The accommodation includes a central tea room, dressing rooms for home visiting teams, a kitchen and shower baths for the players and lavatories for the players inside the building and outside for spectators, as well as a scoring box on the first floor.

The cricket playing pitch, 40 yards square and a practice pitch, 40 yards by 16 yards has been laid in turf, and the remainder of the Sports Ground has been levelled and seeded. The whole ground has been enclosed with wrought iron fencing.

Messrs. Hodson’s Ltd, Nottingham have laid out the Sports Ground, and the Pavilion

has been erected by Messrs. H Rouse & Sons, Mansfield Woodhouse, while Mr T.N. Bramfitt, acted as the Architect.

                 Bolsover Colliery Quarterly News

Thoresby Colliery Cricket Pavilion               

         Thoresby Colliery C.C. League Champions 1938

          Identified:  F. Felstead,  S. Willett,  H. Jones Under Manager,  M. Revill, T. Sissons.   Front row, J Gatward, and a young Alan Revill, who became a professional cricketer for Derbyshire.

   Inter Depart K.O. Competition Final – Pit Bank v Blacksmiths Sunday 22nd August 1948     

   Pit Bank:  W, Bennett, R. Bramley, K, Woolley, D. Knowles, E. Wardle, D. Anthony

       Blacksmiths: Umpire, A. Oswin, Lacey, H. Jones Under Manager, B. Evans, B. Evans Jnr, N. Newbury, Jones, P. Wathall, K. Painter, A. Jones, K. Greaves, K. Smith, S. Cox

     1947: identified: A. Dennis, J. Rabitt, R. Broadhead, N.Baker, M Ratcliff, Rogers, Dodsworth , L. Kitchener, M Wooley            

                  1950s:  identified: F. Scully, Maxfield, Smith, Clowes, Collingham, L.Kitchener

Pit Top, Office Staff

Umpires, Kitchener & R. Broadhead, N. Baker, H. Wilkinson, J. Lacey, B, Hall, T Sissons, George Wright, K Bentley, C Westly, T. McGann, W. Mellors.

Colliery Knockout Cup Competition Committee -1960

H. Newby, A. Dennis, N Newbury, L. Kitchener, E. Thorpe, G. Dovey, C Lowd, Mrs Newbury, Mrs Newby, Mrs Kitchener.