Edwinstowe Civil Defence Team

Edwinstowe Civil Defence Team

F. Brown, G. Birdsell, F Kent, D. Clifford, J. Kenworthy, Cooper, ? L. Gebb

            ?. Pell, W. Bowes, Williams,  ? ?  Organ. T. Palmer,  J. Wathall,  Marsland

       F. Palmer, S. Seymour, L. Boucher, W. Knowles, Major Moncur, J. Firth,  A. Johnson,

                             E. Moore, ?.?.? J. Dean, R. Scrimshaw, Alcock.

 Jack Turley in Home Guard Uniform with his daughter Mildred

Sixth Avenue, Edwinstowe

Home Guard Certificate

Womans Auxilary Air Force

Jean Smith (back row centre left) served for four years in the WAAF