Edwinstowe Labour Party

     The photograph shows members of the Edwinstowe Labour Party with Mr George Deer, the newly elected MP for the Newark constituency in 1950.

Back row: B. Evans, M. Beardsley, George Deer MP, W Beardsley, W. Gent, M. Bates, ?, Mrs Duffin, Mr Duffin, Mr, Knowles: Front row Mrs Geddes, ? Mrs Deer, J. Stevenson, J. Jeffreys.       The Ladies Section of the Labour Party

Front row:  Mmes, Reid, Hall, Grace, Beardsley, ?, Wilson, Wyld, Anthony, Knowles, Green, Evans, Rabbitt. Back row:   ?.., Scully, Hawksley, Brown, ?, Bates, Hollingsworth, Duffin , Mellors, Burns.

Back row:  Messes: Bennett, Oswin, ?..  Brown, Brown, Butler, Greaves. Harding   Front row: Wyld, Rabbitt, Green, Beardsley, Bates, Scully.

Kathleen Beardsley, Shirley Evans, Barbara Hawksley     

For many years the Labour Party provided a Christmas party for the pensioners in the village.

Olive Parnell, Marleen Scully, (May Queen) Brenda Johnson, Muriel Crossland, Shirley Evans, Kathleen Beardsley, Joy Barber.

                            May Day (Labour Day) celebrations 1946

(May Day, also called Workers Day or International Workers Day, commemorating the historic struggles and gains made by the workers movement, observed in many countries on May 1st.) (Wikipedia)

Earl Manvers had been Conservative MP for Newark as Lord Newark from 1885 to 1900.

The Marquess of Titchfield was the member of Parliament for the Newark constituency 1922 /35. S. Shephard, Conservative, 1943/45.

As in many other colliery villages in the Dukeries area, the Edwinstowe Labour Party was formed after the second W.W.

In 1950, George Deer, Labour, was elected member of Parliament for the Newark constituency.

(R.J.Waller, The Dukeries Transformed)