In the Gazetteer of 1885,  Alfred Pinder was listed as living at the Lidgett. George Pinder Junior was listed as selling  wine, spirit, and a porter merchant.

In July, 1886, the paper reported that Mr. George Pinder conducted a firework display at the Nottinghamshire Agricultural Show. The Nottingham Evening Post carried a report on 16th November, 1896 about an accident involving the pyrotechnist, Mr. George Pinder.

Mr. Pinder was at Welbeck Abbey conducting experiments with a new kind of bomb, patented by him, for use at night by gamekeepers for illumination of the scene in cases of poaching. During the experiment there was an explosion and Mr. Pinder’s right hand was blown off.

In the late 1800s, attendance numbers at the school sometimes dropped due to:

Working Scaring birds; Turnip singling; Hop-picking; Harvest; Weeding wheat; Potato crop; Picking fruit and wild raspberries; Pinders Firework Factory

Pinder Family

Elizabeth Pinder (wife of George, mother of Sidney and Arthur) donated to the EHS, records for their sisters Georgina (aka Poppy) and Frances Pinder who worked as ambulance drivers in WW1 at RAF Scampton. Poppy is listed in the 1901 Census as a Pupil Teacher at the Church School when Mr Curtis was Headteacher.

Their home Lidgett House on Rufford Road

Previous to this the family lived at Boundary Cottages.

The photo shows Sidney Ruben Pinder in 1914.

He was a Lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps. Sidney was the son of George and Elizabeth at Lidgett House. Their firework factory was on Sandy Lane. He was brother to Georgina and Frances May as well as Arthur. He was killed in action at Marquillies, France, on 19.2.1918, aged 29.  Arthur was an Air Mechanic 1st class, Royal Flying Corps. He died in hospital in Coventry on 1.7.1917, aged 33.  Both Arthur and Sidney’s names appear on a headstone in Edwinstowe churchyard, along with the name of Gunner Wilfred Dennis, who had married their sister, Georgina Pinder. 


Photo shows Sydney in 1916.

            Grave of Sidney                                          Grave of Arthur