Launay’s Restaurant & Bar (Formerly The Maid Marion)

Launay’s Restaurant. The building is a 16th-century cottage. In the late 1800s it became the Cottage Café and later, the Maid Marion Restaurant. The restaurant now has an orangery with contemporary decor and serves a creative Anglo-French menu.

Site of the cottages in the 1700s. Opposite Edwinstowe Hall

Church Street in 1906 showing the front garden of the cottage before it became a cafe.

Below shows the first sign in the garden advertising refreshments for tourists.

Mrs Else and Ann Gozzard ran the tea rooms Cottage Cafe in the 1950/60’s. It is remembered for its red and white curtain and table covers.

On Monday 30th October 1972, planning permission was granted to the Cottage Cafe for the erection of a kitchen toilet and park site in an area of special/historic interest.

Chris and Elizabeth Bennett brought the cafe/restaurant in July 1986.

Outside the Maid Marion before the front was changed and the car park and seating were developed.

Maid Marion Restaurant      Acknowledgement  – Creative Commons Licence

The Maid Marion wins an award in 1990.

Chris and Elizabeth Bennett were the owners at this time. They sold The Maid Marion to John and Claire Sutton in September 1983. 

Restaurant in 1995

Painting by John Freer.   Courtesy of Liz Smith

Launay’s Restaurant 2019

Acknowledgement  – Creative Commons Licence

In 2017, recycled wood from Sherwood Forest was used by Launay’s Restaurant, for their new bar and table tops.