June 2023 Update

At the June meeting the speaker, Cal Warren, Building and Exhibition Developer, spoke about her involvement with the Nottingham Castle Project.  She described the various stages undertaken to reveal the diverse history of the Castle, which were encapsulated in the various galleries. The Rebellion Gallery covered the more riotous moments in history;  the Craft Gallery displayed medieval alabasters and salt glaze pottery;   the Lace gallery was dedicated to the story of Nottingham’s most creative industry. Access to the caves within the castle rock had been improved.  Cal stated that the biggest surprise (and sometimes disappointment) for visitors was when they had passed through the gatehouse they saw a 17th century Palladian mansion and not a castle similar to the ones portrayed by Hollywood.

The Society’s researchers have dealt with a number of enquiries from people with connections to the village. Additional information has been added to the website giving an insight into people’s memories of village life (see “Memory Lane” and “Memories of School Days”).  There is more to read about the Tudsbury family, also WW2, and the street layout of the village in “Maps”.