June 2021

The faiths and fates of 2 families with connections to Edwinstowe have been added to the website.

During the 18th century William Hoggard came to live in Edwinstowe and married Martha Breedon of Norton Cuckney. His blacksmith’s forge was on High Street.  They had a large family and his grandson, James, and wife, Emily, moved to Lambley, where after meeting missionaries from the Church of Latter Day Saints, (or Mormons) they were baptised into the faith. They dreamed of joining other Mormons in the United States, and in 1854, James set sail across the Atlantic, to prepare a home for Emily and their children.   They eventually settled in their permanent home, American Fork in Utah, where he was the first to be appointed Head Watermaster, a post which he held for twenty-one years.

On 17th July, 1632, in St Mary’s Church, Edwinstowe, Elizabeth Snowden  became Oliver Hooton’s  second wife.  While living in Skegby, Elizabeth met  George Fox, founder of the Quaker movement, which changed Elizabeth’s life and both she and Oliver  became Quakers.   Elizabeth was the first woman to become a Quaker minister.  On many occasions she was beaten and imprisoned for propagating her beliefs, both in England and when travelling to the American colonies.  She died in Jamaica in 1672.

Elizabeth Hooton (nee Snowden)

After seeing a photo of his wife’s late father on the website, one gentleman requested a copy as a birthday surprise for his wife. The Society is pleased to share information and photos providing others do not benefit financially.

Sherwood Forest Trust have planted a Hawthorne tree (traditionally the May flower) in St Mary’s churchyard, and the Society agreed to provide a photographic display, in the Craft Centre, depicting Edwinstowe’s former May and Rose Queen festivals.