Geoffrey Palmer

Geoffrey Palmer (no, not Geoffrey Palmer who appeared with Dame Judi Dench in the TV series “As Time Goes By”) was a member of the well-known Rabbitt family, and born at Kirkstall Lodge, Edwinstowe in 1912.





Geoffrey Palmer n.d.

Wedding William Rabbitt Ivy Fletcher 1912

Kirkstall Lodge High Street Edwinstowe

He trained as a teacher and taught until the beginning of World War Two when his pacifist convictions and consequent exemption from military service meant he had to leave the profession.  During the war he worked in the ambulance service and in the theatre with the Adelphi Players.  He formed his own small theatre group and eventually joined the Rock theatre Company where he met Noel Lloyd.  Together they wrote books for children, ghost stories, biographies, also about music, archaeology, folk customs, social history, and 3 “Observer” books.

Geoffrey resumed teaching and in 1951 was appointed a deputy head, later becoming headmaster of Highbury Quadrant School – a post he held for 19 years.   After retirement Geoffrey and Noel opened bookshops in Islington and Eye, Suffolk.  Geoffrey died in Norwich in 2005.

In 1996, Geoffrey donated his and co-author (Noel Lloyd’s) three volumes of children’s stories to Edwinstowe Library to replace the Library stock which, due to popularity, had not stood the test of time.  As the books chronicled the exploits of several children and their lives in the village of Edwinston on the edge of Sherwood Forest it is no wonder they were enjoyed by the local children.

Local Author Donates Trilogy to Edwinstowe Library

Local octogenarian author Mr. Geoffrey Palmer has recently donated his three volumes of children’s stories to Edwinstowe’s local history stock. The three books, “Mystery in Sherwood”, “The Greenwooders”, and “The Greenwooders’ Triumph” were first published in the early 1960’s when they were bought extensively for library stock. However, their popularity was such that they were borrowed so much their library life was not a long one and it is with pleasure that Edwinstowe Library receive these copies from the author.

The books chronicle the exploits of Felicity Brooks, her brother Tony and their friends Stephen, Sam, Pater and his twin Pauline, and their lives in the village of Edwinston on the edge of Sherwood Forest, (no prizes for guessing which village Edwinston is based on). Mr. Palmer is no stranger to living in a village on the edge of Sherwood Forest, having been born at Kirkstall Lodge (on the High Street), into the Rabbitt family – a well-established Edwinstowe name.

The books (which have all been signed by the author), will be added to the local history lending stock at the end of November and may be borrowed from then on. So, if you are an older reader who would welcome the chance to revisit the books of your youth and see how many local places (and people) you can recognise in fiction, or a younger reader who would like to discover Geoffrey Palmer and his co-author, Noel Lloyd, for the first time, visit Edwinstowe Library – a friendly welcome awaits you!